24th July 2008. 3:30 pm IST

Promised Comment System.

So here's what i thought i'd do with my next post. I thought i'd make it a sentimental, boring recount of how i got the comment system working on my site. Those of you who happened to read my earlier post, would have read a somewhat hasty but eloquently written sentence which goes.

Unfortuately USC web server runs in safe mode, hence php can't use file writing and uploading. Therefore comments will take a little work.

Further explanation to this highly expository piece of text would surely not be required. But, in the interest of the masses, i'd elaborate by telling you how a page meant to be the archetype of my php programming skills, turned into an exploration of the unknown and a date with a one Google Application Engine.

To begin with, USC servers operate in this mode called safe mode. What this does is that it disallows any php script to upload or write a new file to the USC server. Apart from that, database connectivity with php is also not supported. So, if by using a php script, i'm not allowed to write a file or save date in a database, where am i to store the millions of comments my revolutionary writing is bound to illicit? Hence the search for an alternative. Enter GAE.

After 2 days of trying to understand what the hell this GAE or Google Application Engine is, I finaly figured that it is a service offered by google wherein you design and program your web application and google stores it on their servers. So basically you have a website development tool with cool programming oppurtunities in Python and all being stored and run on the highly dependable and non-problematic Google servers (The same used by google.com itself. Or so I'd like to think).

After going through the getting started tutorial on making a guestbook application, I got down to designing my own Blog Comment system using GAE. GAE provides a SDK wherein you can program web applications using python scripting with libraries included. These libraries also include a Google datastore libraries wherein you can let your website use the next to limitless oppurtunities of Google's Databases, and an offline webserver to test out your apps.

At the time of writing, this system is working well offline. Uploading it, is something i havent yet figured out how to do :)

20th July 2008. 8:25 pm IST

Humble beginnings

So I write. Not necessarily about something, but write nevertheless. This website was born out of a very rare determined act on my part, in hope of landing a good programmers job at USC. My line of thinking proceeded along the direction that, most programming oncampus jobs are infact web developers or web editors jobs, and so, how am I to get one without a website?

Alas! My identity online is intertwined with the utter lack of ideas I seem to be faced with. Read, 'What do I do with this website?' Showcase my superior web designing skills?  Fill it with pictures? Create some funny clip-arts and try and sell them to the world waiting breathlessly for me to put them up? Have a section listing every activity I do every single day complete with stylish Time-Tables and Bar Graphs comparing each day to the next?

Maybe I’ll just write whatever the hell that comes to my mind. Not a bad precedent I’m setting here for the rest (if at all) of my posts.

Who knows 2 years down the line, this website would be what revolutionized the world. What people turn to at times of extreme di/stress. What saves people who do not want to be saved. What gives hope that everything in life doesn’t have to be about something and can effectively be aimlessly digressive if it chooses to be. Maybe it will take a slight bit longer than 2 years.

Let me for the benefit of all both of my readers you, talk about something that moved me in the past say 1 week. Apart from my brothers marriage, this is a time of semi-realistic dreams, heartache for loved ones, and second month of teaching for 5th standard. Having recently concluded with the first month, schools are now gearing up to face a ‘second’ month of schooling for children in 5th standard, who have just about got past their first month. *Disclaimer: the writer holds no responsibility for the accuracy of educational information provided or the lack of it in this article. He/she is not liable for litigation.*

Comment system is next on my wishlist. I pray to god everyday that people who'll comment will not always give profound meaningful comments. For those people who will/want to..have a look at comments given out for youtube videos. Unfortuately USC web server runs in safe mode, hence php can't use file writing and uploading. Therefore comments will take a little work.

Humble beginnings? Very humble indeed.

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